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Keep current with what's cooking at Nirvana today! Welcome to our live updates page, where we will post about our news, events and everything else that's going on here at Nirvana 🚛🍕


Persian Kebab Has Arrived!

Greetings, wonderful friends!


We're thrilled to share a taste of our culinary journey with you. Introducing our latest creations: Chicken Kebab, Chicken Wing Kebab, and Koobideh (beef) Kebab, each paired with scrumptious sides that bring our culture straight to your plate. Dive into our updated menu and embrace the flavors awaiting you. Ready for pickup now, with delivery options on the horizon. Stay tuned!


- Nirvana Food Truck


Now Catering

We're excited to share a bit of Nirvana beyond the food truck window! Now, Goody and Shokofeh are bringing our fusion of flavors and heartwarming dishes directly to your events, offering catering services within a cozy 30-mile radius of our Ballard home. Our journey from Iran to Ballard has been full of flavor and friendship, and we're eager to extend this experience to your gatherings. From the crackling warmth of our wood-fired pizzas to the comfort of a well-made Philly Cheesesteak, each dish we serve carries a piece of our story. Whether it’s a backyard birthday or a corporate gathering, let us add a dash of Nirvana to your table, making your event memorable with food that's crafted with care and seasoned with the journey of our hearts. Welcome to our expanding family, where every bite is a step closer to culinary bliss.


The future is delicious

"Exciting times are just around the corner at our food truck! We're busy sprucing things up and can't wait to share the updates with you. Imagine, warming under our new gazebo, perfect for keeping you snug and dry no matter the weather. And it gets better - we're adding an outdoor fireplace soon for those extra chilly days. But here's the real dish: our Persian kabob BBQ is on its way, ready to tantalize your taste buds with its amazing flavors. We're all about keeping you warm and your bellies full. Looking forward to seeing you soon!"

4th Burglary at Nirvana!

Fox13 Coverage

King5 Coverage

MyBallard Coverage




Dear Seattle community, We're Goody and Shokofeh, the passionate souls behind the Nirvana Food Truck that so many of you have come to love right here in Ballard. Our journey began in Iran, and thanks to you, we've been able to share our love for wood-fired pizzas, cherished international dishes, and even the classic Philly Cheesesteak right here in our beloved Seattle. 


We recently faced an unexpected challenge – our truck was burglarized. While we're grateful that we can still serve you, the setback has left us with unexpected costs. But here's the silver lining – you can help in two simple ways! 


1. Swing by Nirvana Food Truck and treat yourself to some of our lovingly crafted dishes. Every purchase helps us recover, one slice at a time. 


2. If you're in a position to, consider making a small donation. No amount is too little, and every bit goes a long way in keeping our dream alive. 


Thank you for being more than just customers. You are our community, our friends, and the heartbeat of our dream. Together, we believe Nirvana Food Truck won't just survive but will thrive, with flavors more vibrant than ever! 


Warm regards, Goody & Shokofeh

Big Thank You to - 

Our NeighborsSeattle Community & beyond for your support.

MyBallardFox13 & King5 Seattle for your coverage of events.

Washington Alarm for installing a system and giving us monitoring.

Cleaning Crew for developing our website and helping with marketing.

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