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Nirvana Food Truck

Our Journey

Only One Bite Away

"Here at Nirvana, we're not just another food truck in town. We're your neighbors, Goody and Shokofeh, sharing a journey of flavors right from our hearts to your streets. Our story, which began in Iran and wove through kitchens worldwide, has found its warmest chapter here in Ballard, our newfound home. With every wood-fired pizza, cherished international dish, and even the classic Philly Cheesesteak, we pour our love, experience, and passion into every bite. By blending age-old recipes with the finest local ingredients, we offer more than just food – we offer a slice of our adventure. So come on over, taste the passion, and become a part of our flavorful journey to nirvana."  -Your Neighbors, Goody & Shokofeh

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Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat 11:00am - 9:00pm

Dates Closed for 2024


  • Thu, 4th of July

  • Sat, 20th of July

  • Mon, 2nd of Sept

  • Mon, 14th of Oct

  • Thu, 28th of Nov

  • Mon, 23rd of Dec

  • Tue, 24th of Dec

  • Wed, 25th of Dec

  • Tue, 31st of Dec

  • Wed, 1st of Jan

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